M.F.Hussain’s Nude Paintings of Hindu Gods & Goddess

Franch Journalist Francois Gautier’s Words:

It’s time all of you have a look at M.F. Hussain’s highly blasphemous paintings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses: http://users1.jabry.com/pg211/site/coll/pras/hussain/hussain.htm

These are mainstream paintings, many of them were owned by Modi R
ussi, chairman of Tata Steel, who died in 1993 and appeared in catalogs and books, before everything went underground when Hindu Jagruti (who has been banned by the Govt last month, please protest) and Prafull Goaradia, Lok Sbha MP from the Jana Shangh, started raising awareness about them. The evidence is so scathing & appalling that even the secular courts and judges of India had to accept the numerous petitions filed against Hussain, who could never return to India.
There are 2 questions that arise to the mind. The first pertains to the passivity of Hindus: nobody is telling them to riot and kill in the name of their religion, as Muslims are doing now all over the world because the Islam ‘hate film’; but how can they allow Hussain to be India’s best know painter, that even in India gets so much praise?
The second is about reciprocity: Indian Muslims should have been the first to protest these horrible paintings, given the fact that since Independence, they have been able to practice freely their religion here in India, whereas Hindus do not have the same latitude in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.


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