Role of Edvina Mountbaten during India’s Independence (1946-1950)

1) Some rather interesting facts about what happened between 1946 and 1950, with focus on Nehru – Many (Book) Sources written by: Chakravarthy Sulibele, Janelle Morgan, Andrew Robert, Richard Hugh, Sarvepalli Gopal, Stanley Welford, Collin & Lapiere……. compilation by Kiran KS (facts below with due credits)

2) First & foremost, India (and Pak/BD) did NOT become fully independent on 15 Aug 1947 (Pak 14). Just got “Dominion” status under the Queen…

3) After 15 Aug 1947, Raja Gopalachari the Governor General, Nehru the PM & all 3 armed forces were serving the Queen Elizabeth as empress.

4) British India faced a rebellion on 1946 Feb 18, from Indian navy ship Talwar. Soon even the air force rebelled. Bose’s INA had engineered these….

5) British realized in Feb 1946 that they had to leave India. But, their businessmen had invested 1000s of crores in India. Had to take it back…

6) British needed years to repatriate investment, so wanted a “dominion” India. Congress totally opposed it right from the 1929 Lahore convention

7) British wanted – Dominion India for 3-4 yrs; Create Pakistan as reward for Jinnah’s WW2 support; checkmate Gandhi who opposed partition.

As per Janelle Morgan’s book, Edwina Mountbatten, page 378, British PM Atlee decided to use the “unusual lady” Edwina to get Dominion India.

9) Reasons British PM Atlee picked Mountbatten couple were: Spies informed them of Nehru’s womanizing weakness, and Louis Mountbatten was ok with his wife’s affairs.

10) As per Andrew Robert’s Eminent Churchillian book, page 58, Edwina had numerous affairs – Hugh, Bunny, Mike, Larry etc. Apparently her husband was ok with it.

11) Edwina was a rich woman. She inherited £20,000 when Louis Mountbatten was making a mere £610 in the Navy as salary. But Louis was well connected with the top.

12) As per Richard Hugh’s Mountbatten book, page 96, the Mountbatten couple struck a deal to let allow Edwina’s sex adventures, without any divorce.

13) One month after Feb 1946, INA inspired a revolt of the Indian Navy, Britain sent Nehru to Singapore to meet the Mountbattens. Nehru got a royal welcome.

14) As per Sarvepalli Gopal’s J Nehru’s Book part 1, page 710, Mountbatten couple welcomed Nehru in Singapore as tho’ he was a future PM. Trap

15) As per Stanley Welford’s Nehru book page 361, Edwina ensured with a “fall”, that Nehru was in “love at 1st sight”. Indira was a witness!

16) The effect of Edwina was so quick that Nehru agreed NOT to attend a ceremony in Singapore to honour Azad Hind Fauj’s memorial

17) As per Stanley Wolpert’s Nehru book, page 377, Nehru used to stay in Edwina’s rooms whenever he traveled to London. Hotel Door Chester.

18) As per Collin & Lapiere’s Freedom at Midnight, pg 8, Nehru returned favour by asking for L Mountbatten as India’s Viceroy via Krishna Menon

19) As per Richard Hugh’s Mountbatten book, pg 373, Edwina’s effect made Nehru break the 26th Jan 1930’s Congress promise of no dominion. And agreed to India’s Dominion Status.

20) Collin & Lapierre’s Freedom at Midnight, pg 150: Mountbatten went to London on 18 May 1947. Churchill, the Opp leader smiled at trapped Nehru

21) Nehru did NOT take Congress Working Committee’s suggestion before agreeing to partition & Dominion status. Ignored Maulana Azad, Cong Prez….!

22) Millions of Hindus/Sikhs on the Pak side & Muslims on the India side died. Mega tragedy happened due to Nehru issuing the Partition acceptance letter.

23) For the outstanding achievement in making India agree to partition & the dominion status, Edwina got GBE and Louis, Earl awards/titles!

24) {Final}. Edwina was truly a Master move. She was used cleverly when British understood Nehru’s weakness. Result? Partition & bloodshed

Source: Sumedha Sarvadaman

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