The Assault on Parliament – An Article by Arun Shourie

Quo Vadis

(Rahul G during the course of the his recent interview with Arnab G mentioned two things, seemingly unconnected. Indira G being arrested and BJP not allowing the Parliament to run. I was less than 10 when Janata Govt. was in power and would not be able to say with first hand knowledge. But when i went through contemporary records, I find two interesting things:

1. Indira G was arrested twice. But these arrests created sympathy for her and ended in avoidable fiasco. They only strengthened her hands.

2. Indira G provoked her second arrest by systematically harassing the Janata Government.

I have given a complete article published in August 1978 (the article is reproduced in the Book – Institutions in the Janata period) that talks about her attitude towards the parliament. – This is my [Sridhar Krishnaswamy] introduction to the Shourie Article. You can read the article from here.)


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Target Modi- What is Pak thinking?

Vicky Nanjappa

9532a51e-de71-41c4-9b92-3a116139dfbaWallpaper1There have been various reports put out by our Intelligence Agencies which speak about the threat perception of our leaders. Clearly all the reports which have come out in the recent months have stated that the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi tops that list.

While there is no doubt that Modi is very high on the radar of terrorists, the other important point to ponder over here is why will Pakistan take such a risk and support his elimination.

C D Sahay, former Chief of the Research and Analysis Wing gives a perspective of the Pakistan thinking on Modi.

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Hindu activism outside the Sangh – Koenraad Elst

Bharata Bharati

Dr. Koenraad Elst“Disillusionment with the Sangh is triggering the emergence of new independent centres of Hindu activism. Between such non-Sangh foci in India and similar-minded NRI initiatives, there is little structural connection except for exchanges on internet forums: the loose network is their more modern alternative to the organizational rigidity typical of the Sangh.” – Dr. Koenraad Elst

Flag of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh“An RSS man”, that is how the Indian media and the Western South Asia scholars label anyone known as or suspected of standing up for Hindu interests. In fact, there have always been Hindu activists outside the RSS Sangh, working as individuals or in smaller organizations. Today, the modernization of Indian society and especially the spread of the internet has facilitated the mushroom growth of new forms and networks of Hindu activism.

Most supposed experts refuse to see the existence of Hindu activism outside the Sangh and instead reduce any Hindu sign of…

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