The Assault on Parliament – An Article by Arun Shourie

Quo Vadis

(Rahul G during the course of the his recent interview with Arnab G mentioned two things, seemingly unconnected. Indira G being arrested and BJP not allowing the Parliament to run. I was less than 10 when Janata Govt. was in power and would not be able to say with first hand knowledge. But when i went through contemporary records, I find two interesting things:

1. Indira G was arrested twice. But these arrests created sympathy for her and ended in avoidable fiasco. They only strengthened her hands.

2. Indira G provoked her second arrest by systematically harassing the Janata Government.

I have given a complete article published in August 1978 (the article is reproduced in the Book – Institutions in the Janata period) that talks about her attitude towards the parliament. – This is my [Sridhar Krishnaswamy] introduction to the Shourie Article. You can read the article from here.)


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